Our Services

We provide;

  • Digital investigation and analysis services
  • Cloud investigation services
  • Data recovery services
  • Digital forensic analysis of mobile devices – mobile phones, tablets, usb keys, drones, etc.
  • Digital intelligence services
  • Expert witness testimony

With us you can;

  • Recover deleted data from devices including deleted SMS messages, deleted emails, etc., as well as other communication applications – including encrypted ones – to establish an accurate context
  • Extract passwords for applications containing company data in matters of intellectual property theft
  • Examine call logs – including deleted entries
  • Link company telephone records to handsets to graphically examine the data
  • Interrogate cloud data sources where you suspect abuse by employees of your corporate social media presence
  • Aggregate contact data so as to provide an intuitive social graph that may identify co conspirators in your investigations
  • Generate a graphical timeline of a target’s movements to compare with statements made, expense account claims, etc.
  • Audit web traffic to ensure web sites accessed are in compliance with corporate policies

ClearSight – Our Proprietary Decision Support System

Giving your organisation clear and concise data to resolve threats. Contact us to learn more.