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Are you a corporate investigator facing an internal threat or a HR specialist tasked with sensitive projects? A digital forensic analysis of your company devices can be a key component in your investigation and should be a central plank in your strategy. We provide a complete digital forensics and analytic solution to the corporate sector.

We bring our technical skills and legal experience to bear on your problem. We offer an analysis of the behaviour of personnel, and not just an examination of the incident, through market leading tools – all underpinned by our proprietary ClearSight product.

If your organisation discovers an internal data breach, fraud incident, etc., the initial aftermath is a critical time. Reach out to ClearSight for a rapid, discrete, consultation if you wish to recover deleted information or search for relevant data on your devices.

ClearSight can be your discrete digital forensics incident response partner.

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ClearSight – Our Proprietary Decision Support System

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At ClearSight we forensically harvest and collate your data from a variety of sources such as mobile devices, call records, the cloud, IoT and business systems to create actionable intelligence that allows you take appropriate actions.

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